drop mips as a release architecture
[~helmut/crossqa.git] / build.py
2019-08-01 Helmut Grohnebuild.py: handle errors from ssh in a better way
2019-03-24 Helmut Grohnetable buildreqeusts should have an explicit id
2019-03-23 Helmut Grohnebuild.py: add back random ordering
2019-03-23 Helmut Grohnebuild.py: prefer older buildrequests
2019-03-23 Helmut Grohneallow scheduling builds via webapp
2019-03-17 Helmut Grohnelicense the beast as gpl-2+
2019-03-05 Helmut Grohnereduce timestamps to 1s resolution
2019-03-02 Helmut Grohnebuild.py: make the build server configurable
2019-02-10 Helmut Grohnebuild.py: handle the case of no satisfiable packages
2019-02-05 Helmut Grohnemove yield_chunks to common.py
2019-02-03 Helmut Grohneinitial checkin