descriptionA DBus service and client for automatically activating and deactivaing devices
ownerHelmut Grohne
last changeSat, 14 Apr 2018 09:04:59 +0000 (11:04 +0200)
2018-04-14 Helmut Grohnedrop support for Python 2.x master
2017-08-20 Helmut Grohneadd a device implementation for GPIOs
2017-08-19 Helmut Grohneremove OnoffProcess parameter start_wait
2017-08-19 Helmut Grohneabstract away ScheduledFunction
2016-05-07 Helmut GrohneLogger.warn is deprecated in Python 3.4
2014-03-12 Helmut Grohnedrop unused event id from spawn_child
2014-03-12 Helmut Grohnempd_watcher: automatically reconnect
2013-07-28 Helmut Grohneadd example .service file for dbus activation
2013-07-21 Helmut Grohnempd_watcher: properly schedule all IO via gobject
2013-07-20 Helmut GrohneOnoffControl: when logging activatefd tell the fd
2013-07-19 Helmut GrohneThrottledDevice: speed up quick reactivation
2013-07-15 Helmut Grohnefix markdown syntax
2013-07-15 Helmut document dependencies
2013-07-15 Helmut Grohnemove dbus introspection to dbusutils.list_objects
2013-07-15 Helmut Grohnesispmctl_device: permit selecting a device
2013-07-15 Helmut put the implementations in an itemize
18 months ago master