~helmut/bidiragda.gitBidirectionalization for Free in Agda ( Grohne16 months
~helmut/crossqa.gitcross build quality assurance for Debian<sourcepa...Helmut Grohne2 years
~helmut/debian-dedup.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Helmut Grohne7 months
~helmut/debvm.gitA tool for creating and running Debian-based VMs Helmut Grohne
~helmut/mdbp.gitmeta dpkg-buildpackage Helmut Grohne8 months
~helmut/munin-plugins-busybox.gitA reimplementation of some munin plugins in a single C binary. Helmut Grohne11 years
~helmut/onoff.gitA DBus service and client for automatically activating and deactivaing devices Helmut Grohne23 months
~helmut/ssdeep.gitA fork of Helmut Grohne9 years
~helmut/tcvt.gitSee Helmut Grohne14 months
~helmut/wsgitools.gitSee Helmut Grohne6 months