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~brodo/journald-ai.git Artificial ignorance logging... Dominik Brodowski 5 months ago
~brodo/nrlmsise-00.git C source code for the NRLMSISE... Dominik Brodowski 2 months ago
~helmut/bidiragda.git Bidirectionalization for Free... Helmut Grohne 5 months ago
~helmut/crossqa.git cross build quality assurance... Helmut Grohne 2 weeks ago
~helmut/debian-dedup.git Unnamed repository; edit this... Helmut Grohne 14 months ago
~helmut/munin-plugins-busybox.git A reimplementation of some... Helmut Grohne 6 years ago
~helmut/onoff.git A DBus service and client... Helmut Grohne 17 months ago
~helmut/ssdeep.git A fork of http://ssdeep.sf... Helmut Grohne 5 years ago
~helmut/tcvt.git See Helmut Grohne 22 months ago
~helmut/wsgitools.git See Helmut Grohne 6 months ago